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Monday, November 12, 2007

My first blog!

Hello cyberspace!
Ummm....this feels weird, knowing what I say will be out on the net and possibly zooming around. I am going to attempt to get over it here quickly. Okay, done.
I started this blog to let the world know about me and my company, The Austin Bodyworker. We are a clinical/therapeutic massage therapy office. My husband and I moved here due to a job opportunity for him and the chance that I could open up Austin Bodyworker. We knew we wanted to get out of Boston, where we were living in the city and the daily grind had finally ground us up into stressed-out, worked-over,cranky people. We knew that if we wanted to begin having a family (i.e. babies) it really wasn't going to be in such an expensive, crowded, noisy place. We like clean air and happy people to surround ourselves with. So we moved. To Texas. Gulp. Kinda scary.
Don't let me fool you, I'm not from the east coast. I am a native Nebraska girl. Go Big Red and all of that. So I come of my love of wide-open spaces and clean air naturally. But Texas was a bit scary to think of as our new home. But after some research and a few visits, we thought it was pretty cool and so we did it! We are all finding our way in this funky, quirky city of Austin. Discovering restaurants, coffee shops, clothing stores, grocery stores, you name it. Pretty much at least once a week one of us calls or texts the other to give them the scoop on some new place we have discovered inadvertently.
So if I was to tell you in a paragraph what makes The Austin Bodyworker different than any other place you have gone for massage, where should I start? First difference that is very important is that we all have a passion for what we do, rather than just a passing fancy. I know I could (and do) get caught up talking about some injury or muscle thingy for HOURS--really, try me. I am an anatomy-nerd at heart. I believe that massage therapy is one of those careers that if you don't really love what you are doing, you are going do a sub-standard job for your clients, resent them for it and burn out pretty fast. I think to do this job correctly, you have to love to help people, talk to people and touch people. If one of those is missing, this is NOT the career path for you.
Second difference, we are constantly pushing to learn new things. One of the best things and worst things about medicine is that it is always changing and they are always learning something new about the human body and how it reacts to this or that. So as a therapist, this means I need to keep up on the newest treatments and techniques for my clients. We are constantly being hit with more and more information, from the Internet, from classes, and from journals. You can't stop absorbing information in this industry or you'll get left in the dust. And then where does that leave your clients?
My idea is with this blog is that you and I can communicate about where The Austin Bodyworker is headed. I foresee it growing and expanding exponentially in the near future. I want to see it become a standard in our industry and not just a diamond in the rough that you find here in Austin. I think sometimes this will be my forum to discuss injuries and how you can help yourself be and feel better, sometimes I will be just picking a topic to rant about, sometimes I assume it will just be me babbling! So I hope you have enjoyed this so far, and I look forward to hearing your comments and questions! Thanks!

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